Handgun owners are instructed to only draw their weapons when lives are in imminent danger.

For two years, the pistols of the security detail that guarded Restore Founders Mark and Mae Del Mundo in Cebu City, Philippines were discreetly—but almost always—drawn.

Mark and Mae served in Metro Cebu from 2006 through 2013 on the staff of International Justice Mission (IJM) to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation of childen.

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest-growing criminal enterprise, with an estimated 21 million victims, and growing by 800,000 cases per year (Forbes).

Mark was IJM’s director of legal interventions. Mae—a licensed mental health provider—led IJM’s aftercare services for human trafficking survivors. 

As Mark and his prosecution team reduced sexual exploitation in Metro Cebu by nearly 80 percent, the crime bosses who profited from this human atrocity were hell-bent to protect their business. They put a bounty on Mark’s life and his family.    

After two years of escalating threats and near misses, the Del Mundos resigned their positions at IJM and returned to the United States. Even when 8,207 miles (13,208 km) separated them from the people who had meant them harm, Mae and Mark still suffered the effects of living in danger and stress for two years. The desperation that forced them to flee the Philippines helped them to more closely relate to the trauma felt by victims they served.  As they healed, the Del Mundos grew even more determined to continue helping children who are drowning in trauma and hopelessness. 

Restore Children and Family Services was found.  

Today, Restore is a vibrant, growing international ministry of trained specialists, social workers, and staff, a board of directors, dedicated supporters, and strategic partners who love, redeem & restore children of traumatic events—in Christ.