“Children who experience sexual abuse tend to recover quicker and with better results if they have a supportive, caring adult (ideally a parent) consistently in their life.” 
— Psychology Today

Imagine a teenage girl, so desperate to escape, that she scales the 12-foot-high wall of a guarded compound in the middle of the night, shredding her legs on razor-wire in the process, to run barefoot more than 5 miles (8 km) back to the brutal man who had victimized her. 


“Children can be so broken by trauma, their self-worth and dignity so shattered, they begin to feel that the only way they deserve to be treated well is to return to the people who caused that trauma,” shares Mae Del Mundo, who delivered aftercare services to survivors of human trafficking and abuse for more than 7 years.

Wraparound Love: Rescue is not enough

The journey from abuse is a long, confusing, and horribly painful process. It’s a road that requires loving people to faithfully and consistently walk with victims.  

The therapy approach of Restore Children and Family Services called Wraparound Love was created for this journey.  

“Victims of horrendous acts need unconditional love and guidance, but counseling in complex trauma has been the missing component of their care,” shares Mae. “Wraparound Love provides this, and works with their families, too, so survivors can navigate their healing, live in the present, and embrace the hope of living a better future.”